Introducing The Calligraphy Collection + A Limited Time Offer

Today is the day! For the past 6+ months, Charmaine and I have been in cahoots to bring to life an entire line of invitations that marry her calligraphy with my less-is-more invitation style. We've been dropping many, many hints over the last few weeks, so if you already guessed this was coming - well you were right!

I officially introduce to you The Calligraphy Collection.

The Calligraphy Collection currently features 7 different invitation designs with various amounts and styles of calligraphy. From the uber chic Port suite to the sweetly romantic Flutter suite - Charmaine and I worked really hard to bring variation while remaining true to the aesthetic that our brides look for when they hire us. While we printed samples of the designs in some of our favorite print methods - including the new, affordable gold silk screen option! - each invitation is available in any print method. This allows clients to have stunning custom calligraphy within a wide range of prices.

Here are the 7 designs that are currently available:

From top left: Flutter | Élan | Cirqué | Valentine | Darling | Port | Affair

You can order samples of any invitation here, and all sample kits come with color guides, samples of all print methods, and samples all paper options. Check back often - there are at least 3 more calligraphy designs that will be making their debut very, very soon!

Thank you so much to all of my current calligraphy brides who helped bring this collection to life, and who visited the SJ studio and fell in love with these pretties before they launched! And of course a huge thank you to my collaborator, cheerleader, and friend Charmaine. Working with such an incredibly talented woman has been life changing.

OH WAIT! THERE'S MORE! All brides who place their orders during the month of July will recieve 25% off their custom calligraphy!

Yes, you read that right! We are so excited about this launch that we're offering 25% off calligraphy for a limited time. When you are ready to order your invitations, please contact me for your consultation. I would love to chat with you and answer any questions you might have!